Revelstoke’s Short Term Rental Bylaws 

As in many other tourism-based, mountain communities, Revelstoke B.C. is undergoing some changes to their short-term rental bylaws.

The idea behind these bylaws is to increase the areas that currently allow short-term rentals. Hopefully, enabling them to enforce the vacation homes that are not in compliance with the bylaws and push them towards long-term housing. The end goal is to have a happy marriage between short-term housing for tourists and long-term housing for locals. 

The city of Revelstoke classifies a ‘Short-Term Rentals’ as; “the use of a Dwelling Unit on a temporary basis (less than 30 days at any one time) for the financial benefit of the property owner to provide accommodation to the travelling public within a residential or mixed-use building.” – Revelstoke Fact Sheet

There are so many great benefits to short-term renting your vacation home and that is why we are seeing this increase in rentals; 

– By short-term renting your property, you can earn a higher level of income. 

– Your property is cleaned and checked every few days between guests. 

– You have more flexibility to use the property yourself. 

So where in Revelstoke can you Short-Term Rent? 

If you are located in zone CD 8, CD 9, CD11, CD12, CD16, CD17, C1, C6, R1v, R1Av, R2v, RRo.4v, and RR2v – you can provide short-term rentals in a full single-family dwelling without a permanent resident onsite. 

If you are located in zone C2 and the 59 properties located at Hay Road, then you are permitted to do short-term rentals, as long as there is a permanent resident residing in either the single-family dwelling or in the secondary suite. You are also still able to use a 24/7 property management company such as Stay Revy. 

This is an explanation of the zones at their most basic level, however, there are some variances within these zones. For example, some may require 24/7 property management and some may have limitations on the number of guests and rooms. For further information regarding any of these zones and their allowances, please contact us at Stay Revy. 

The difference between a Short Term Rental and a B&B 

If you are not located in one of the zones listed above, do not worry! There are still other options. You can apply for a rezoning of your lot with the approval of the city and your neighbours. If you would like to discuss this option, please inquire with Stay Revy. 

The other option is a Bed and Breakfast License. B&Bs are permitted in almost every residential zone. The main difference between a Short Term Rental and a B&B is, that a short-term rental can be a self-contained dwelling unit, whereas a B&B must be in the same area as the principal residence. You would have to rent out each room individually with shared living, dining and common spaces.

Getting a Business License 

You will need to obtain a business license for either a Short Term Rental or a Bed and Breakfast. It can be a complicated process so please do not hesitate to reach out as we can assist you through every step of the way. 

Some requirements of the business license for Short Term Rentals and Bed and Breakfast are; 

 – You have to have an operator who is available 24/7 to address any issues. 

– You may need to accommodate a building and fire inspection. 

– You must display the license within the short-term rental. 

– You must pay the applicable fees. 

If you are wanting to find out the zoning of your property use the Interactive Map from the City of Revelstoke’s website. 

For all other questions and inquiries regarding the zoning of your property, what is allowed and applying for a license, talk with us at Stay Revy, we are well versed and here to help!