Vacation Rental Consultations

For homeowners looking to self-manage their vacation rental, Stay Revy offers our Vacation Rental Consultation service. This consultation will provide you with the basic knowledge needed to stage, list and market your property. 

The consultation process comprises two phases aimed at optimizing the performance of your vacation rental. The first phase is a comprehensive one-hour meeting, where we delve into understanding the full spectrum of your property’s potential. During this session, we will present a detailed overview of vacation rental management, covering key aspects from A to Z. Topics of discussion include listing options, target markets, unique selling propositions, strategies to maximize revenue, reduce expenses, and other considerations.

Following the initial meeting, we will leverage the information gathered to tailor seasonal rates for your property. Our approach incorporates a “smart pricing” tool that aligns your nightly rate with demand fluctuations over time. Stay Revy goes the extra mile by assessing potential revenue projections based on optimal rental periods. You will receive a comprehensive document containing your customized rates and revenue potential. This document will not only serve as a rate guide but will also offer detailed insights into the setup and management of your vacation rental, aligning with the specific details discussed during the initial consultation.

Vacation Rental Consultation – $295.00 + GST

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