Package Tiers

At Stay Revy, we understand that the needs of every property, owner and guest are unique.

We have developed three different packages to ensure we have options to meet your needs. Depending on your property's demand, size and potential online reach, you may fit into one of our packages better than another. Review the different packages to see which one aligns best with your property and needs. We're always available to discuss this with you, too!

We have a 'Standard Package' for the fundamentals of vacation property management and an 'Advanced Package' that expands on baseline services. And finally, we have the 'Premium Package' for our luxury properties, including concierge services and a comprehensive, focused digital marketing campaign.


  • Free Property Consultation
  • Owner Portal with online monthly statements
  • Property featured on Airbnb, Booking.com, Direct Website and VRBO.
  • Online Guest App
  • 24/7 Guest Services
  • Exceptional Cleaning Services
  • Post-Stay Inspections & Inventory Checks
  • Lawn Care & Snow Removal Coordination
  • Hot Tub Coordination
  • Maintenance Management
  • Social Media Awareness


  • Includes everything from our Advanced package
  • Targeted Concierge Services Provided to all guests, including;
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Grocery Orders
  • Ticket and Activity Booking
  • Transportation Coordination (in BC)
  • Targeted Facebook / Instagram Packages
  • Marketing Plan Provided for Property

Standard Package

The ‘Standard Package’ includes all the fundamentals of vacation rental management. We offer various base services, from guest communication and coordination to post-stay cleaning and inspections. We will always ensure the guest experience is flawless from start to finish.

Guests will be able to access your property on a number of sites and channels managed by Stay Revy. This will dramatically increase the number of online visits your property listing earns.

Upon booking, guests will receive access to a web-based app that will provide them with the rental contract, information on the property, and things to do around Revelstoke. The app will give the guest directions and arrival information 24 hours prior to arrival.

In the Standard Package, we will provide some baseline online marketing, social media awareness, and presence on all of Stay Revy’s online channels. We employ dynamic pricing to ensure you are constantly receiving the maximum profit for your property, adjusting the nightly rate to meet the market demand.

Advanced Package

Our ‘Advanced Package’ includes all the ‘Standard Package’ aspects. This package was created for owners looking to dramatically increase their property’s online presence. We offer additional online marketing services for this package, such as paid google ads and targeted social media awareness. This will increase the number of people visiting your property online, substantially increasing your chances of achieving maximum accommodation rates.

Premium Package

The ‘Premium Package’ is designed for our luxury properties and owners looking to attract a high-end clientele. Along with all the features from both the ‘Standard’ and ‘Advanced’ packages, you will receive a full concierge service for you and your guests. We handle it all whether they need arrangements to and from the airport or would like to have their fridge stocked upon arrival. We want to give the guests an elite booking experience that draws them back to your property each time they plan to visit Revelstoke.

Along with the additional concierge service, the ‘Premium’ Package will also provide you with the highest level of digital marketing that we offer. You will receive paid google ads, a more comprehensive social media awareness campaign that includes videos, testimonials and paid ads on the most popular platforms, and dedicated blog posts for your property. This will expand your property’s reach to ensure you are maximizing its unique potential.

As a ‘Premium’ property, you will be featured in our website’s ‘Premium’ section, where guests can access our most luxurious property offerings. If you would like to sign up for the ‘Premium Package,’ we will arrange a detailed property visit, leading to recommendations that ensure its suitability for this category.